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Sustainability doesn't have to be expensive and beauty

doesn't have to be complicated.

Before Kitsch was an internationally recognized brand, it was a one-woman show. Meet Cassandra Thurswell, the one who started it all. Check out the video below to learn more about Cassandra & her favorite Kitsch products.


See what they have to say for yourself!

“I’ve never used satin pillowcases before & I’m obsessed! These are so so soft and beautiful. I also don’t wake up with frizzy hair anymore!

- Burne C.

“I was skeptical at first but tired of spending an insane amount of money on expensive shampoo and conditioner! Decided to give the bar shampoo a try and I'm hooked!!”

- Megan W.

“I am obsessed with this heatless curler!!! This tool is comfortable to sleep in and gives me perfect and reliable curls every morning!”

- Taylor E.

“Best products I have ever used. I love the results of the rice water shampoos and conditioner. I am spending far less for better quality considering how long they last.”

- Rachel G.

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From packaging to the product itself, we identified where we could eliminate excess waste and source materials that are better for the environment, without compromising the quality of the products.

Learn more about our sustainability practices in action below.

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The Kitsch Facebook community is a place for women to come together and celebrate their individuality. With tens of thousands of active members, the community is a great place to find support, inspiration, and friendship.

Plus, when you join you’ll gain access to test new products before they launch, community-exclusive offers, special giveaways, and more!